Many people enjoy traveling to other countries, especially those of exotic or tropical locale. Here are some tips for traveling to the British-owned Cayman Islands in the western Caribbean. First, do some research. Learn about what activities are offered on the islands. The Caymans are known for excellent scuba diving and snorkeling. George Town offers duty-free shopping. Take a trip to Hell and back. There are so many activities among the three islands that you may need to spend a few weeks there to experience it all.

Learn about the currency and exchange rate. The Caymans do have their own currency, but US currency is accepted at most businesses. The exchange rate is set and is $1.25 US dollars for every CI dollar. I would highly recommend going to the bank and exchanging your US dollars for CI dollars. There are banks on the islands that are happy to do this for you.

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Do some homework on the hotels and resorts of the islands. Most of the most popular hotels and resorts are located along Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman. These offer spectacular views and easy access to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Do be careful of booking a cheaper, locally owned hotel. These may not offer the same quality and service most of us are used to. You are better off paying a little more for a hotel or resort owned by a more recognizable chain, such as Marriott or Comfort Suites. Many of the resorts offer activities such as a social hour with live local entertainment, free appetizers, and discounts on drinks. Take advantage of such activities and meet other guests staying at your resort.

While on the islands, take advantage of their bus system and taxis. These are extremely cheap and taxis will take you to any point on the island. My husband and I were able to travel by taxi from our resort at the George Town end of Seven Mile Beach to Hell for about $5.00. I don’t remember how far it was, but it seemed like it was all the way across the island. And if you are walking along the sidewalk and vans honk at you, it’s a taxi wanting your business. Don’t be afraid to flag them down if you want to ride.

Talk to the locals. Find out where they eat or shop. They will be able to save you money. Avoid eating at the resorts. While the food may be fantastic, the prices are very expensive. We ended up walking a few blocks to a little restaurant in a strip mall. The portions were huge and the prices were very reasonable. Talking to the locals is also a great way to experience some of their culture!

Take advantage of the inexpensive wine and spirits. I highly recommend Tortuga Rum and Tortuga Rum cake. It is very difficult to find in the United States, so bring some home with you. All of the wine and spirits on the islands are much cheaper than here at home and some of them are made locally. Try some of the Jamaican beer and rum, too. The legal drinking age in the Caymans is 18, but always exercise caution when drinking alcohol.

Take lots of pictures so you will always have those to look at later on. The moment will come flooding back to you!

Relax and have fun! Being prepared ahead of time will allow you to have time to enjoy your vacation. Have a plan before you depart of things you want to do, but don’t get bent out of shape if you don’t get to do it all. Being mad about it will only ruin the time and good memories you do have left of your trip. Most of all, have a vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life!